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Historic Collinswood Knight House

Special Thanks to Greg Cristiano, 

for his invaluable assistance & photography. 

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Susan Dechnik

Riverton Historical Society

Greg Cristiano

TearDrop Memories

Just like the Antiques Road Show!

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Susan Dechnik
Pam travelled all the way from Atlantic City to see and hear our lecure.  She also brought some awesome items for "Show-&-Tell."  We're hoping she turns out to be our "groupie" following us around the state!  Mom, Kay Ingram (right) doubles as my assistant.


Old York Road Jenkintown, PA 19046
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A big thanks to Millie for sharing her "Bird of Paradise" Hat Ornament!

MARCH 14, 2015

The Bizarre Case of Lizzie Borden Photography by J&J Morgan
The Ocean City Historical Museum
"A History of Young Ladies' and Gentlemen's Fashions"

A History of Millinery, Antique Purses and Footwear, at Verreeville Historical Society in Philadelphia just may have been our biggest audience yet!  With over 100 in attendance, we really had to work the room!  The facility at Holy Redeemer Lafayette was beautiful and staff were accommodating. Enjoy the photos!

Kate @ Verreeville Historical Society, Philadelphia

 By the Sea:  History of the Swim Suit and Seashore Memoribilia

Kate @ Decotique debuted her latest talk,

"By the Sea:  A History of the Swimsuit and Seashore Memoribilia"

Ladies of Somewhere in Time Tea Society

Jean Wachter, PR Director, Margaret E. Heggan Public Library

Riverton Historical Society - March 23, 2011


Kate @ Decotique and co-presenter, Greg Cristiano of TearDrop Memories, presented an interactive program, "Ladies' & Gentlemen's Accessories of the Victorian, Edwardian, and Depression Eras."




1900 Bathing Costume

Gerald Weaber, President & Kate @ Decotique

Decotique would especially like to thank the Anitque Market of Hammonton and guests for their generous donations to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Mothers' Day Tea Event!


"A History of Ladies' Accessories:  Victorian, Edwardian & Flapper Eras"


Kate Displays 1920s Wedding Veil

Historic Jenkintown Library


Celebrates Women's History


The warm, spring-like afternoon greeted my partner and I as we arrived in the quaint, historic town of Jenkintown.  Folks were lazily strolling down "Main" Street, not in much of a hurry to be anywhere except out enjoying a pleasant break in the weather.  The Library itself sat back a bit from the street with it's towering columns and welcoming atmosphere.


-  A vital link to the town's history, Jenkintown Library was founded in 1803.




"If the shoe fits, wear it! "


Flapper Wedding Shoes c. 1920s