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"Mr. Brown's Wedding Suit" c. 1890


Mr. Brown, Collingswood, NJ, wore his father's wedding clothes at his own wedding in the 1920s. 

Coat, Vest, Trousers cleaned and restored by Kate @ Decotique.


We have also acquired Mrs. Brown's Wedding Gown, c.1890s, worn by her mother and again by herself when marrying Mr. Brown in the 1920s.  This gown is currently under restoration.


IIn Fond Memory of

Mr. & Mrs. Wertz

Gone Home

"Flesh and bone may fall away,

but a well made antique is here to stay!" 



At Decotique, our ultimate mission, and joy, is to connect our customers with fond remembrances of their pasts; to reconnect them, in some small way, to the carefree times of youth, to memories of loved ones who have gone before us.
Decotique rescues articles of clothing and other items that would otherwise be set upon the trash heap.  Gentle cleaning, sewing and repair techniques allow us to reuse and relove what has been.  When an article is beyond repair, such as a delicate Flapper dress, we harvest its beads to repair other dresses, purses and hats. 
Through our Lecture Series and Antiques Shop, it is our pleasure to share thoughtful research and ever scarce relics of days gone by.  As Caretakers of historic clothing and accessories, we respect each and every item that comes our way.